Aerial Over Bear Creek Canyon

It has been a goal of mine even before seeing other aerialists put out videos to rig my fabric in beautiful spots in nature. With my husband and I having backgrounds in climbing and canyoneering, it seemed a natural step for me to use our anchor knowledge to set up in the incredible nature that we often enjoy.

In Telluride, I finally got my first chance. We had definitely rigged from trees before, but this was something different. This was the first dramatic, high, stunning spot that I would be hanging upside down in.

As Devon and our friend Josh Bailey began the work of setting up anchors, I felt the tingly excitement that is just this side of terrified out of my mind. Fear with an attitude adjustment, right?

Though I played on the safe side and mostly skipped the risky moves, I felt that this was the most beautiful thing I had ever done. What a wonderful beginning to what I know will be an amazing journey. I am so in awe by God and His creation, as well as infinitely grateful for my husband and friends, without whom none of this would be possible.

Pura Vida. Here we go.

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