Choreography on Imogene Pass

Imogene Pass crests at 13,114 feet, making it the highest 4×4 pass in the United States and the second highest pass overall. As we passed over the top last week, we set our sights on a ridge lined with pines. Hmm… that might be a spot to rig…

So, without more prompting, we drove over to Upper Camp Bird Mine and across the creek to a primo spot looking down valley. Unfortunately, it did rain and hail on us hard for a couple days. We got soaked and hardly got to enjoy the area.

We ended up setting up the aerial hammock during short “remissions” in the weather when it was foggy and looked like it could start raining any moment. First we set up short near our truck so I could practice, then the last day we were there, we set up on the ridge.

I wasn’t sure I could have a piece choreographed and ready, but Devon believed in me and he helped me with the concept and critique. I picked a song and together we came up with a storyline.

I come out of my cocoon and at first don’t know what I am or which way is up. I try to fly in a few different ways, but always end up falling back down until finally at the end, I learn to flutter my wings.

To rig the aerial hammock, Devon had to climb two pine trees that were sappier than a Hallmark Channel movie. :) Our anchor gear got all kinds of sticky. It was worth it though.

While we were shooting, it began raining again and then hailing so we had to retreat for a half hour. I realized in that moment that persevering didn’t only have to do with life-long and season-long situations, but also with the specific times when you have an idea that you have to push through weather and fatigue to carry out.

Like the butterfly in our story, we had to struggle to accomplish our end goal. And what a beautiful and satisfying outcome!

To see more of Devon’s work and his perspective on our adventures, head to his blog, Rambling Canvas.

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