February Flexibility Challenge

February Flexibility

Cross-training. Most of us aerialists would rather not. Of course we would rather gain all of our strength and flexibility from our playtime on our apparatuses. Unfortunately, if we rely only on that playtime, then our progress will plateau. For a while, we will see tremendous progress… but at some point, we will need more. The big one is cardio, which …

Coffee and Dedication – Guatemala

Guatemala 4

We watched hands clearing weeds from the ashy soil, fire ants crawling over the weathered skin. This is one of the vital chores for a coffee farmer, who fights the constant soil erosion and weed invasion that threaten his precious plants.

On Top of the World

Top of the World 1

Have you ever been on top of a precipice where you could see for miles? There’s one near Moab, Utah that is aptly named “Top of the World.”

Onion Creek Canyon

Onion Creek Canyon 8

Moab, Utah is probably most famous for its rolling sandstone landscape and its iconic arches, but some of us know that it is also a mecca for canyoneering. While Onion Creek is not a technical canyon, it is a beautiful one, and quite a fun place to go for a drive. That’s why we chose it for aerial.

Weathered Stone

Wilson Arch 1

Moab, Utah is one of our favorite spots. We have been driving down to Moab together once, sometimes twice a year for eight years. Devon has been going there since he was a kid. Why? Not only is Moab an indescribably beautiful section of desert, but it offers a large array of the sports we love: four wheeling, rock climbing, …

Abandoned Rails

Tunnel 4

Sometimes you are looking for a place, and you find another spectacular place instead. That’s what happened here. We were hiking up to an abandoned train bridge, with thoughts of hanging from the trusses. Well we did find the cool abandoned bridge, and even got in a photoshoot… but not of aerials. As it turned out, there wasn’t a good …

Lookout to Rainier


Mount Rainier is one of the most inspiring mountains I have ever personally laid eyes on. It’s astoundingly beautiful, with its impressive vertical relief and its crown of glaciers. Devon and I arrived in the area just in time for the lunar eclipse on September 27th. After a bit of research, we decided to watch this special event from the …

Moulton Falls Bridge

Moulton Bridge 3

For a while now, we have been itching to rig a bridge. Probably since rigging near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. There are so many beautiful bridges in the Pacific Northwest, and we determined that we must find one to rig.

Bats, Cavemen, and Lava Tubes

Charcoal Cave 2

One of the coolest spots we’ve rigged yet, I think. This spot is the mouth of Charcoal Cave #1, which is part of the Arnold Cave System near Bend, Oregon. These caves are lava tubes formed from flowing molten rock around 80,000 years ago when Lava Top Butte erupted. They are called “ice caves,” because they have seasonal and permanent …