Sea, Sail, and Silk

Carribean Sea Aerial Hammock 3

Why fly back from Guatemala when we could sail? Why not make an adventure out of getting back to the US?

Dancing on the Wind

Farwell Mountain 7

Many artists and adventurers have had to brave the storms to see their dreams fulfilled. My dream was dancing on the wind.

Lyra on the Rocks

Ute Valley Park 1

…Or from the rocks, more accurately. Got to team up with Natalie Keller again for an aerial shoot in Colorado Springs!

King Solomon Falls

King Solomon 6

I never get tired of waterfalls. Each one I encounter is a different shape, with unique swirls, tumbles, and mists of its own. They all have their own lovely song and dance.

Choreographing an Aerial Dance

Choreography 4

Creating a dance can be just as powerful and impactful as creating poetry. Just think for a moment about The Nutcracker or Swan Lake, both of which had a lasting effect on history. Think also of dances that inspired you personally, whether seen in person or on screen.

Steamboat Springs All Arts Festival

All Arts Fest Stmbt 8

It started with a vision to celebrate all art forms, instead of just visual. Being a believer and participant in multiple art forms, I was excited to get involved in this festival in my home town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Whispering Leaves

Aspen Grove Clark CO 1

There are few sights that give me a feeling of home like a grove of aspens does. The friendly round leaves, paper-white bark, and characteristic black knots endear the aspens to me.