Sea, Sail, and Silk

Carribean Sea Aerial Hammock 3

Why fly back from Guatemala when we could sail? Why not make an adventure out of getting back to the US?

Guatemala Memories


Most of my time in Yepocapa, Guatemala, was spent working as a field audio specialist and line producer, which is a fancy way of saying I was in charge of the budget and food (basically crew mom ;)).

Vivo en Guatemala!

San Pedro Yepocapa Casa

Sorry all for the lapse in posts. When I’m not hanging from silks, I’m often working on other projects, one of which has constituted a significant life change recently… in the form of moving to Guatemala.

Steamboat Springs All Arts Festival

All Arts Fest Stmbt 8

It started with a vision to celebrate all art forms, instead of just visual. Being a believer and participant in multiple art forms, I was excited to get involved in this festival in my home town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Marriage: What I’ve Learned So Far

Wedding 2012

Four years ago, we said, “I do.” Four years is about twenty-six short from making us experts in marriage, but it does make us no longer newly-weds.

A Nomadic Life

Truck Life 3

People often ask me how my husband Devon and I set our lives up to be able to travel. It’s an understandable question, since Devon and I spent most of 2015 traveling, and we have lived out of our truck for the last year. Unfortunately, it’s not an easy question to answer.

Coffee and Dedication – Guatemala

Guatemala 4

We watched hands clearing weeds from the ashy soil, fire ants crawling over the weathered skin. This is one of the vital chores for a coffee farmer, who fights the constant soil erosion and weed invasion that threaten his precious plants.