The Golden Cathedral

Golden Cathedral 2

Sunlight hits one canyon wall, illuminating the cathedral with a golden glow. I can see the reflection of gilded walls and flowing silk in the pool below me. Sounds like a dream, right? The only problem is getting there. In order to drop through the ceiling of the justifiably famous Golden Cathedral, you need to drive 26 miles down dirt …

On Top of the World

Top of the World 1

Have you ever been on top of a precipice where you could see for miles? There’s one near Moab, Utah that is aptly named “Top of the World.”

Onion Creek Canyon

Onion Creek Canyon 8

Moab, Utah is probably most famous for its rolling sandstone landscape and its iconic arches, but some of us know that it is also a mecca for canyoneering. While Onion Creek is not a technical canyon, it is a beautiful one, and quite a fun place to go for a drive. That’s why we chose it for aerial.

Box Canyon

Box Canyon 1

Though all of nature is inspiring to me, there are few things more impressive to me than a canyon filled with raging water. Just watching the water flow and pound over and around obstacles is invigorating, making me feel the intense power of the water as well as the peace that it lends to everything around it. That’s why rigging …


Bear Creek Canyon – Aerial Rigging Details

Bear Creek Rig 5

Since this is out first post about how we rig outdoors let start with a couple disclaimers and warnings to get the legal mumbo jumbo out of the way: Rigging off of non-man-made structures (and some man-made) is inherently dangerous. DO NOT rig on tree limbs without consulting an arborist prior. DO NOT rig on man made objects without consulting …

Behind the Scenes: Bear Creek Canyon

Bear Creek Canyon

We’ve decided to give a little behind-the-scenes tour to show you what goes into our rigs. Bear Creek Canyon was the beginning of my project and identity as “Aerialist in the Wild.” So we’ll start there.