Strength in my Weakness

Running Escalante 1

Oh the frustration. From those first moments of dragging behind the other kids, unable to breathe; to the broken arm that resulted from my attempts at gymnastics; to the nagging ache in my hips from exercise. The frustration of not being one of those “naturally athletic” people plagued me throughout childhood and into my young adulthood. In the last year …

Dancing in a Winter Wonderland

McClure Pass CO 2

Colorado winter. We were planning on missing it this year, but that didn’t work out according to plan. That’s ok, because our home state is always beautiful, and we know how to make the most of it.

February Flexibility Challenge

February Flexibility

Cross-training. Most of us aerialists would rather not. Of course we would rather gain all of our strength and flexibility from our playtime on our apparatuses. Unfortunately, if we rely only on that playtime, then our progress will plateau. For a while, we will see tremendous progress… but at some point, we will need more. The big one is cardio, which …