Dancing on the Wind

Farwell Mountain 7

Many artists and adventurers have had to brave the storms to see their dreams fulfilled. My dream was dancing on the wind.

A Nomadic Life

Truck Life 3

People often ask me how my husband Devon and I set our lives up to be able to travel. It’s an understandable question, since Devon and I spent most of 2015 traveling, and we have lived out of our truck for the last year. Unfortunately, it’s not an easy question to answer.

Dancing in a Winter Wonderland

McClure Pass CO 2

Colorado winter. We were planning on missing it this year, but that didn’t work out according to plan. That’s ok, because our home state is always beautiful, and we know how to make the most of it.

Lookout to Rainier


Mount Rainier is one of the most inspiring mountains I have ever personally laid eyes on. It’s astoundingly beautiful, with its impressive vertical relief and its crown of glaciers. Devon and I arrived in the area just in time for the lunar eclipse on September 27th. After a bit of research, we decided to watch this special event from the …

Timpanogos Treasure

Timpanogos 1

We love unexpected treasures. It’s really our goal on this trip – and throughout our lives – to find those special places that are lesser known but infinitely beautiful. Many of you may know that Utah is full of them.