Imperfection on Hurrah Pass

Hurrah Pass UT 6

We love to find places that are incredibly scenic and a bit off the beaten path. Driving for miles on a rough 4×4 trail or putting those miles on my soles is often required to get there. It’s always worth it. Hurrah Pass is a trail that crosses and follows a creek, winds up a curvy 4×4 road, passing stacks …

The Golden Cathedral

Golden Cathedral 2

Sunlight hits one canyon wall, illuminating the cathedral with a golden glow. I can see the reflection of gilded walls and flowing silk in the pool below me. Sounds like a dream, right? The only problem is getting there. In order to drop through the ceiling of the justifiably famous Golden Cathedral, you need to drive 26 miles down dirt …

On Top of the World

Top of the World 1

Have you ever been on top of a precipice where you could see for miles? There’s one near Moab, Utah that is aptly named “Top of the World.”

Onion Creek Canyon

Onion Creek Canyon 8

Moab, Utah is probably most famous for its rolling sandstone landscape and its iconic arches, but some of us know that it is also a mecca for canyoneering. While Onion Creek is not a technical canyon, it is a beautiful one, and quite a fun place to go for a drive. That’s why we chose it for aerial.

Weathered Stone

Wilson Arch 1

Moab, Utah is one of our favorite spots. We have been driving down to Moab together once, sometimes twice a year for eight years. Devon has been going there since he was a kid. Why? Not only is Moab an indescribably beautiful section of desert, but it offers a large array of the sports we love: four wheeling, rock climbing, …

Timpanogos Treasure

Timpanogos 1

We love unexpected treasures. It’s really our goal on this trip – and throughout our lives – to find those special places that are lesser known but infinitely beautiful. Many of you may know that Utah is full of them.